Soul Chaos

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You have to crawl before you can walk the saying goes. So as I grew boulder and less into me, the more the words exploded in my mind. Feelings, emotions, desire all things that we have to content on a daily basis and of course resolve or explore.

From the anger at failing dismally at something, to the realisation that you have been led by your nose by someone, to the spiritual side and then off course to the very lustful dark and kinky side that hides in all of us.

This book and the one's to follow have taken me from the darkest depths of despair to the highest high of ecstasy.
While going through some dark and rough times I had the need to express myself and release the heartache, so I started conversations with my pen and paper. This help me to heal, stay sane and focused on my goal.
Truth is it is not an easy road to travel but if the Prince of Peace is your companion the road becomes less of an obstacle.
Just remember you are worth it, invest in yourself and love yourself, the rest will fall into place.
Come and walk the journey with me and maybe find yourself again.
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