Reviews – Heart’s Temptations

In Elmarie’s first publication, ” Soul Chaos “, she conveyed very skillfully the soul of her emotions and artistically displayed it in her poems.

The courage she commanded throughout her book in each poem bode well for all her future endeavors.

I was spellbound in ” Soul Chaos ” by the depth to which a soul can descend in self reflection and in search for the unknown.

I certainly look forward to read from this poet in the near future.

Louw Kruger

Elmarie de Beer’s first and often inspiring book belongs to many categories, and to none.

She embodies the full spectrum of emotion. She documents her own growth as a writer, which includes conditioning, anger, frustrations, and rebirth.

And, finally, she remains faithful of being a woman, even to those she’s never known but who bear a common legacy in their lives.

This wonderfully emotional collection is accessible for anyone wondering about identity, emotion, construction, destruction, and human connection in today’s modern world.

Sven Bergman

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